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5 Ways to step up your social media game

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Marketing your brand on social media is an essential component of your business strategy. But simply signing up for Instagram and Facebook is not enough. When managed well, it can attract new customers and strengthen your relationships with old ones. Here are 5 ways to step up your social media game:

Know your audience -

It pays to be proactive when finding the right people to connect with. There are many different types of people that may be interested in what you post on your social media, and finding the right audience increases the amount of attention you receive.

You need to consider what social media platforms your audience will use. For instance, if the audience is mostly young adults and teens, then a trendy platform such as Instagram or TikTok will gain better results than LinkedIn or Facebook. Over time you will get to know your audience when your socials grow. Most applications provide in-app analytics so you can see the age and sex of the people who follow you which will help shape your content according to those numbers.

Be consistent -

If you want to increase your following and engagement you need to be consistent with your posts! Setting goals to post regular content 2- 3 times a week will result in more engagement than if you were to post inconsistently.

Using a scheduling app is a great way to achieve this. Many websites are great for scheduling such as:

Use keywords & hashtags -

People are constantly uploading posts and sharing content, making it easier for an individual post to get lost in the volume.

Hashtags help boost organic reach by categorizing posts into topic-based groups. They also make it easier for social media users to search for posts they find relevant to them. Using these keywords and hashtags will help you be more visible and allow more engagement with your content. For example, we as a digital marketing agency would use hashtags such as; digital marketing agency northwest, google ad specialist, internet marketing, and web designers.

Ensure you select hashtags that reach your target audience effectively, this may require a bit of research to identify the more relevant words and phrases. There are a few websites out there that could help with that, one of them being - It's a great tool for generating hashtags for what the post is about.

Engage with your followers -

Engagement is a vital part of marketing on social media. When someone leaves a comment, respond to it or like it. If someone asks a question, answer it. Be sure to answer any questions that followers send you through direct messaging promptly. Being responsive shows your followers that you’re present and allows you to get closer to your audience, they will see you as more human.

If you find your follower engagement lacking, find ways to encourage conversations. Ask questions in your posts or stories. Getting more comments does wonders for boosting your engagement rates, including people talking with one another through the comments section.

Launch a contest -

Launching a contest boosts engagement and generates new fans and followers. For example, Instagram only lets followers who share your post on your story have a chance of winning the competition. This leads to more followers and shares for your brand, which increases exposure massively. Depending on what business you have the prize doesn't necessarily have to cost a lot, it could be an offering of service for a few days or a product. The public love free stuff, especially if it doesn't take a long time to enter the competition.

Overall, being active on social media is a great way to increase your brand recognition. By posting content that supports your brand’s identity, it becomes clear what your business is about, making it more identifiable to your target audience and helping to build up loyal relationships.


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