The BEAR Essentials - Structure

Account structure is essential when setting up a Google Ads campaign. It affects targeting, ads relevancy and budget control just to name a few.

Before setting up a new campaign, we recommend sitting down and writing an campaign structure plan.

This usually begins with splitting your keywords into groups based on similarity. For example, you any keywords that are similar, like 'buy dog food', 'buy dog food online' and 'online dog food' can all go in the same group (also knows as an ad group), this way, when we are writing our ads we can match the wording in our ads to the keywords customers are typing in.

Once we have our keywords into groups, we can add these into the ad groups under each campaign and then begin writing the 3 different ads for each ad group. Remember, you can set audiences at 'ad group' level as well as 'campaign' level if your ad groups differ in targeting.

Your account structure should look like this...

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