Terms & Conditions - Pay Per Click (PPC) Service Terms

In the interest of a strong partnership and successful advertising campaigns, we have outlined the responsibilities and requirements of our agreement below. These Service Terms are subject to the General Terms and each individual term applies unless agreed otherwise in your Contract.

Our service:

As your digital marketing partner, we will carry out our services with a reasonable standard of care. Our PPC services will consist of:


  • Set-up & Build: We will set up paid advertising accounts with search engines and build a PPC advertising campaign for your business.

  • Monitoring & Optimisation: This will include a range of campaign strategies, including: Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Mobile Optimisation and Ad Extension Implementation

  • Transparency & Satisfaction: We will provide you with monthly reporting and complete ownership of the advertising account. You will also be able to provide service feedback to make sure you are happy with the service from your Account Manager.


Please note: Digia have no control over the algorithms that operate the Search Engines and thus cannot guarantee how your adverts will display, nor can we take responsibility for any detrimental effects from actions made by you or the Search Engines.

Your responsibilities:

In order for us to deliver our services effectively, there are a few specific requirements for you to consider. These requirements are your responsibility and they are essential to making sure that we can deliver our services properly:


  • Contact: We will need to have one point of contact who will be able to provide access details for relevant online accounts, sign off on campaign adverts and content required to promote your business.

  • Access: To facilitate the delivery of our services, you should provide the required access credentials including, but not limited to: FTP details, Google Logins and Website access details.

  • Budget: You are responsible for ensuring that the agreed budgets are paid to the relevant advertising platform. We will work towards your agreed daily budget and you will have the flexibility to amend the advertising budget on a monthly basis. All PPC campaigns are subject to a minimum service charge of £400 + VAT per month.

  • Tracking: To ensure that your campaigns are tracking and are implemented properly, we may require you or your technical representative to access and make changes to your website. Although you are responsible for ensuring that tracking is implemented on your website properly, our Account Managers will assist where possible. After any changes made to your website by any party, we would recommend that all phone numbers, forms and any other ‘calls to action’ are fully tested by you and your representative. For Google Shopping campaigns, you will require a product feed and a Google Merchant Centre account. Our Account Managers are experienced with resolving most issues and will endeavour to assists wherever possible but ultimately the responsibility lies with you.

  • Platforms: You must comply with the Terms & Conditions of any third party agreement you enter in relation to our services, such as advertising platforms. Where indicated in your agreement, you also appoint Digia Ltd. as an agent to sign up for the following services and accept that you will be bound by their terms:

          o    Google Analytics – https://www.google.com/analytics/terms/gb.html
          o    Ruler Analytics – https://www.ruleranalytics.com/Ruler_Analytics_Terms_and_Conditions_to_Clients.pdf



Our complaints procedure is designed to quickly resolve any client concerns. Email or your Account Manager with your specific complaint and relevant information to back it up. If your complaint is not resolved immediately, it will then be escalated to a senior member of staff.

Your relationship with your Account Manager is essential to making our partnership work, so your Account Manager may be subject to change.


The process for cancelling your contract depends on whether you are outside of or within your agreed minimum contract term:


  • Outside minimum term: Payments are taken in advance of work being carried out. e.g. If your next payment date is the 22nd January, you are paying for the rest of January and 22 days of February. So, if you want to cancel after your minimum contract term you are required to give notice of 1 complete billing month, unless your contract states otherwise. With the above example then, if you cancel on the 18th January the final payment will be the 22nd January. But if you cancel on the 24th January, your final payment will be on the 22nd February. Final payment will be for the full monthly amount and not a pro rata payment and therefore services will continue for a full month from this payment.

  • Within minimum term: You are required to make monthly payments for the remainder of your minimum term as outlined in your contract. Therefore, if you are within your contract and wish to cancel, you will be required to pay out your outstanding payments in full, regardless of campaign performance.

Please note: Although, the advertising account belongs to you, restricting or cancelling our access to the account or cancelling your Direct Debit payments within the contracted minimum term will be viewed as a request for early cancellation. Therefore, we will request the outstanding payments to be made in full. Once our services have ended, the status of your campaigns and access to your advertising accounts become your sole responsibility.

These terms are written with a client-centric approach to ensure that both parties are protected in a strong and transparent partnership.